Procedure of Mediation

Our mediation will be conducted according to the following procedure.

1. Initial Inquiry from the Client.

Please contact our office at or 888-712-1114 for an initial consultation. All initial consultations are free of charge. Individual parties and/or their attorneys should feel free to contact our office for further information.

2. Individual interviews with the parties and/or their legal representatives.

Individual interviews will be conducted by telephone in principle. In these interviews, we will obtain the necessary facts, identify the issues, and explain the important principles of mediation.

3 Sign our “Request to Mediate Form” in order to formally initiate the
mediation process. Access the link to our “Request to Mediate”.
The contents of the form and supplemental information about the process will be explained to the parties in advance of mediation. Also, you will be asked to sign a “Mediation Fee Agreement” before commencing our services. Our fee structure can be accessed in Mediation Fee section.

4. Mediation

a) Period of mediation

A mediation session is typically conducted in 2 hour increments. However, due to the flexibility of the mediation process, the parties can walk away at any time if they become dissatisfied. We can also choose to stop the mediation process if we determine that continuing mediation is unlikely to result in a settlement.

b) Place of mediation

Parties can choose convenient location as a place of mediation. It can be held at conference room in our office, client’s home, or any other place that is convenient to both parties. 

5. Agreement

If there are mutually agreed upon terms, the parties will sign an agreement drafted by the mediator entitled “The Memorandum of Understanding.”