1.Unless separately agreed, payment of fees is due at the end of each session.

2. Initial inquiry by telephone, E mail etc. as well as individual interviews prior to the agreement to mediate are all free of charge.

3. After you sign on “Request to Mediate”, fee will be incurred at the following rate.
(1) Fees for mediation: $ 350 per hour;
(2) Individual consultation, in person, by telephone, or E mail: $ 250 per hour;
(3) Examination of documents, preparation for mediation, consultation with experts: $ 250 per hour.

4. Minimum fee for the first session is $ 350. In case the place of mediation is over 1 hour’s drive from New York City, minimum fee is $ 500.

5. In case the place of mediation is farther away from New York City, the mediator’s moving expenses must be borne by the parties. It will be discussed on a case by case basis.

6. Mediation fee over the afore-mentioned minimum, and the fees in 3-(2) and 3-(3) will be calculated on 6 minute increments.  

Mediation Fee